Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gonta - léirmheas

Foilsíodh an léirmheas thíos ar anseo tar éis do léitheoir an leagan kindle de Gonta le hÁlex Hijmans a cheannach agus a léamh.
The review below was posted on here after a reader bought the kindle edition of Gonta by Alex Hijmans.

"I could not stop reading it. That has not happened with any other book I read in Irish before.
This is a far cry from the texts of Irish school days. Alex Hijmans knows how to put you in a story, to make you feel you are there riding on a bus or on a beach or feeling the pain of a friend who teaches you a hard lesson. The characters stay with you. The immersion was so complete for me that I forgot I was reading in Irish.
Buy it, read it, go where it takes you, and enjoy the journey. These stories may take place in far-off Brazil but you'll feel like they happened to you and your best friends. There is great humanity and skill in telling something so well.
Irish literature has just jumped up a level."